Washable and Reusable AC and Furnace Filters

Are you looking for a way to save money and considered buying a washable and/or reusable ac or furnace filter? Chances are, if you are like many homeowners, you have considered the use of a reusable ac or furnace filter rather than a disposable. Most often, the motivation is lowered filter cost.

Though the thought of never having to pay filter costs again is appealing, there are some important drawbacks you should consider with using reusable filters.

The first problem with reusable filters is that you have to clean them. And though that may seem simple enough, it is a messy and time-consuming task. Failing to properly clean reusable filters is the biggest reason for not using them!

If you are seriously considering the use of a reusable filter, make absolutely sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, both when installing as well as cleaning and maintaining the filter. The importance of this cannot be underemphasized!

Be sure to use the cleaner the manufacturer specifies due the variety of materials used in the filter. Some cleaning agents do not clean properly or will damage the filter. Equally bad, may leak gaseous chemicals into the air, contaminating the indoor environment.

Once you have obtained the necessary cleaning solution, apply it according to the directions of the manufacturer. Once the filter has been cleaned, it is imperative that you do not reinstall the filter until the filter is thoroughly dry. Again; do not re-install the filter and start the system until the filter is completely dry. Unfortunately, this often necessitates leaving the system off for a day to insure the filter is ready for installation, an inconvenience most families tend to avoid.

Once your filter is properly cleaned and dry, you will want to reinstall the filter, reversing the process you used when removing the filter.

Another significant drawback is the filter material used to make reusable filters. This filter material is very dense in order to hold up to repeated washing. As a consequence, the filter material used in the typical reusable filter does not easily allow air to pass. This creates a significant restriction in air flow. In models we tested, the reduction in air flow was as little as 10% to as much as 70%, thereby increasing the cost of operating your system substantially.

Add up the cost and mess of reusable filters and, no doubt, you will determine the cost does not outweigh the disadvantages of reusable and washable filters:

  1. Sourcing Filter Manufacturers
  2. Purchasing the Filter
  3. Purchasing the Appropriate Cleaning Chemicals
  4. Installing the Filter
  5. Cleaning the Filter
  6. Re-Installing the Filter

Add up all the time and energy expended with reusable filters and we are convinced you are much better off with a disposable filter. At the factory-direct pricing Nordic Pure offers, you can save money, time and improve the quality of your indoor air.

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