Behind the Scenes

In a world of online sales and businesses, who are we? Who is Nordic Pure? What do we do, why do we do it? What is our mission? This post will address all of that. We want you to trust us, just like the old local hardware stores in your community. So let us introduce ourselves.

Who is Nordic Pure?

We are a family owned company in Celina, Texas. Home of the Celina Bobcats. (Go Bobcats!) A small rural area with a lot of open land. Our owner decided to build his home and his business out here because of the great community and the chance for expansion in the ever growing area of North Texas. Our owner has had his hand in several industries, including lawn care, but he noticed that there weren’t a lot of great options for home air filters. So he did some research and found people who would join his team. Several of those people were family! We have expanded since that time in 2004. Our owner is a man named Russell Schmidt, he struck a deal with a couple in Tulsa, Oklahoma to help him assemble the filters using quality products in the sizes most needed. To this day we have approximately 70 people who assemble the filters, 10 people at headquarters, and 2 contractors. We are small but mighty; at headquarters we speak with all customers personally and at the factory they assemble filters by hand making sure quality is first. At this moment we are online only. We have been contacted by several national businesses wanting our product but none have worked out yet because we are unwilling to compromise on quality. We are ever expanding our area online with our website, Amazon and Ebay.

Why we do it?

We make air filters for people’s home. It isn’t super glamorous but we are really proud of what we do. We are a part of an industry dedicated to making the world a better place through education and quality products. We make quality filters so your family and ours can breathe better indoors. Which is what we call indoor air quality. There are a lot of things that can affect your indoor air quality; dust and minute particles, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are hazardous to inhale. Your indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air! That is a big deal to us. So we are making it our mission to draw more attention to indoor air pollution. We are worried about outdoor air pollution but we spend 90 % of our time indoors and if we are breathing in toxic air it will shorten our life span.

How you can help.

Educate yourselves first and foremost. Take a look at all awareness sites, for all human issues. Such issues are air pollution, indoor air pollution, water and so on. Take a look at the book Silent Spring which can show you the history on how we have affected our planet and how we can help it. Get your kids involved, show them how to care for our planet and others. We only have one planet.


Last but not least let us know if you have any questions about us or indoor air quality or what not. We want you to be educated and make the best decisions possible for you and your family. Hopefully we have showed you a little bit about us, let us know about you and your family!

The 4 Types of HVAC Jobs to Know About

Originally posted on Labor Finders, you can read the original post here.

With Labor Day on the way we wanted to look into all the different kinds of jobs in the HVAC industry. So here are 4, let us know what you think?


The HVAC jobs to know about

Between new construction, and the increasing need to upgrade or replace heating and cooling systems, HVAC jobs are in very high demand. If you’re interested in this career, here are four career options to know about.


In order for a heating, cooling, and ventilation system to work properly, it needs the right parts. That’s where a fabricator comes in.  In this HVAC job, workers assemble components such as ducts and their fittings using the measurements given to them by customers or contractors. These day laborers can use hand and power tools to cut, weld and shape sheet metal into these parts or work robotic machinery to get the job done. No matter how they create these components, people working in this HVAC job have to be able to work on multiple orders and meet their deadlines. To become a fabricator, you need accreditation from a trade school or a formal apprenticeship program.


As the most most common HVAC job, technicians do a lot of the hands on work when it comes to heaters and air conditioning units. These workers read and interpret blueprints to install and connect these systems to air ducts, water lines, and other critical components. Once installed, they may be called back to do inspections and run tests to make it’s working efficiently. In the event that it isn’t, HVAC techs are responsible for troubleshooting the problem and making the necessary repairs.


Another type of HVAC job to consider, especially if you’re looking to do something other than fabrication or maintenance is sales. You can use your expertise to help customers purchase the best HVAC system for their facility and budget. These salespeople can work in distribution plants and HVAC shops or travel to customers’ businesses and homes to do consultations. Other responsibilities may include gaining new customers, negotiating projects, and managing others. People working this HVAC job need to have great customer service skills, be familiar with various HVAC systems, and be a self-starter. As for formal education, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree.


If you’re more of a designer at heart, then this is the HVAC job for you. HVAC engineers are responsible for creating the plans that fabricators and installers use. They often work with teams that include the clients and technicians to create new HVAC systems for residential and commercial projects. This HVAC job may also call for the redesign of existing systems. Engineers can work for government agencies, equipment sales offices, or design firms. Workers who are successful in this line of work have usually have excellent problem solving skills and knows how to use CAD designing software. A bachelor’s degree in either HVAC engineering technology or mechanical engineering is required to get started in this HVAC job.

Are You 1 of the 67 Million?

What do you know about pollen? That it makes you sneeze? There is so much more about pollen that you might not know and some that you will but all of it will help you combat it.

Pollen is one of the most common allergens in the US. So common that 81% of 67 million suffer specifically from pollen. But did you know there are two kinds of pollen?

Pollen isn’t just simply pollen. There are two kinds. Before it was agitating people all over it was fertilizing plants. It is why we have beautiful blooms. How does it do this; two ways. Lightweight pollen like trees, grasses and weeds are airborne by the wind. The second is heavy pollen which is only transported by insects; to plants like flowers. The lightweight pollen is the one we are all allergic to. There is a myth that plants like goldenrod and sunflower have the lightweight pollen but this is false. What is the point of all this if we don’t know what it does to us?

Well luckily we do. Because pollen is transferred by the wind it normally enters the body via the nose and the throat. When trees, grasses and weeds create pollen it often causes hay fever and then will irritate your sinus passages, eyes and skin resulting in rhinitis. It will often aggravate asthma symptoms as well. The pollen allergy symptoms will include sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat and eyes and wheezing. So what can you do about it?

You can take medication of coarse and probably should but first and foremost what you should do is find out which pollen you are allergic to. When you find that out you will then know the season in which your allergies are worst. Different pollen is released at different times throughout the year. The best defense is a good offense. So get tested and then head on over to to see what pollen is the worst in your area and to set up a plan to battle it. Get alerts when pollen counts are high and when you need to spend most times inside. If you have to be outside during high pollen times take your medication and then immediately shower and wash your clothes to remove the pollen from your skin. Depending on the time of year whether you are using your heater or your air condition make sure you are changing your air filter out regularly to remove any from your environment, try these.

The best is to plan and prepare instead of fighting while it is happening to you. For the information from this blog check out and these 2 sites.

For The Ultimate Sacrifice

This Memorial Day, it isn’t a sale to us like it is for everyone else.

It is a day that we remember the men and women who never made it home.

A day to remember the millions of mamas and daddy’s who lost children.

A day to remember the ones without a grave site.

Remembrance of what the sacrifice is to protect our nation.

To remember that because of those who gave their life we can freely live ours.

A remembrance of the price for freedom.

A memorial for the ultimate sacrifice; for your ultimate sacrifice.

Your family at Nordic Pure honors, respects and thanks you.

Long Way Around

Those of you who are frequent visitors will know that we have launched our brand new website! It has been a long tiring process from the dated website we were using to this bright new shiny one!

Welcoming all customers we have multiple ways to find your filters. You can find your filter by depth, filter type, brand replacement or if needed a custom size. Saving you time and money!  The landing page has several great informative pieces in order to help each customer even those not familiar with air filters find what they need. We even teach you how to measure and read your filter size!

Even though we harp on the Merv rating of each filter most people still have no idea what that is. So we have kept our Merv rating chart explaining what each rating captures. We even have a tab (Solutions)  for the allergy your fighting and which filter you should pick!

We have spent a lot of time putting this site together with you in mind. We have thought about the different ways people search for things and the different information people are receptive to. We hope you love this site and it makes it easier for you. We want you to be educated in the product you are buying and putting in your home. Nothing is more important to us than making sure your family is breathing the best air they can. So please wander around our site, let us know what you think! After all we did this for you.