Long Way Around

Those of you who are frequent visitors will know that we have launched our brand new website! It has been a long tiring process from the dated website we were using to this bright new shiny one!

Welcoming all customers we have multiple ways to find your filters. You can find your filter by depth, filter type, brand replacement or if needed a custom size. Saving you time and money!  The landing page has several great informative pieces in order to help each customer even those not familiar with air filters find what they need. We even teach you how to measure and read your filter size!

Even though we harp on the Merv rating of each filter most people still have no idea what that is. So we have kept our Merv rating chart explaining what each rating captures. We even have a tab (Solutions)  for the allergy your fighting and which filter you should pick!

We have spent a lot of time putting this site together with you in mind. We have thought about the different ways people search for things and the different information people are receptive to. We hope you love this site and it makes it easier for you. We want you to be educated in the product you are buying and putting in your home. Nothing is more important to us than making sure your family is breathing the best air they can. So please wander around our site, let us know what you think! After all we did this for you.


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