Changing Your Home Air Filter

The quickest and easiest way to maximize the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system while helping purify your home’s air is by changing your home air filter. It is much easier than you think!

Changing your home air filter should not take more than five or ten minutes. The greatest challenge most homeowners face is finding the appropriate size filter. We have included an article to choosing the proper filter size in “Choosing the Proper AC and Heater Filter Size.”

Once you have the appropriate replacement AC filter or heating system filter, simply go through these 6 simple steps:

1. Turn off your furnace

2. Find and locate your furnace filter

3. Remove the old filter

4. Insert the new filter

5. Turn system on

1. Make Sure to Turn Your AC or Furnace Off Before Changing Your Filter

Make sure you turn the thermostat to the “off” position before attempting to change the ac filter or heater filter. Do this to help protect your HVAC system from loose debris and to prevent the filter from getting sucked into the machine, which could cause damage to your system. Ideally, you should disconnect the power from your AC system or heating system while you are doing maintenance.

2. Find and Locate Your Furnace Filter

Do you know where your AC or heating system filter is located? Here are two suggestions to answer this question.

Begin by locating your operations manual for your AC and/or heating system. If you cannot locate it, you might want to try to locate it online.

Begin by obtaining the manufacturer’s name and model number from the ID plate on the heating and/or air conditioning unit. Then go to the internet and type in the description of the unit. You may find the operations manual online, either through the manufacturer or a distributor of the manufacturer’s products. This manual should tell you what size filter is recommended for your heating and cooling system.

If you don’t have your unit’s operations manual, locate the air filter(s) which can be found in either the blower compartment of the furnace (remove the furnace cover, typically by lifting up), or built into the system before the blower fan.

3. Remove the Existing Air Filter

You will want to install the new filter in the same direction as the old one. Before you remove the existing air filter, note the arrow on the filter frame that shows the correct air flow direction. The “air-flow direction arrow” should point towards your furnace.

It’s a good idea to place a sticker in a prominent place showing the airflow direction arrow and the AC or heating system filter size (i.e.: 20x25x5 Airflow→)

Take out a garbage bag and pull the old filter out, placing it directly into the garbage bag to avoid any mess.

4. Insert the New Air Filter

Begin installing the new filter by writing the install date on the filter. Nordic Pure filters have a place already marked for you to put the date.

And DO NOT forget to note the direction of the arrow on the old filter frame to insure the correct air flow direction. Remove the old filter and insert the new one so that the airflow direction remains the same.

HVAC filters are designed to filter air from one direction so as dust and dirt accumulates, the filter will not collapse or fall apart. Nordic Pure filters have a screen wire support system to insure our filters remain intact throughout the life of the filter.

5. Turn System On

The last step in replacing your ac or furnace filter is to turn the system back on. This may include turning the entire system’s power back on or simply the thermostat depending upon how you shut the system off.

You are now ready to use your furnace again! PLEASE make sure you included the install date for the new filter on the actual filter itself for easy reference.

Once your new filter is installed, be aware of the importance of routinely changing out your AC or HVAC filter on a regular basis to enjoy the cleanest air and to protect your expensive HVAC system.

Nordic Pure offers a free reminder service  to make it simple to be reminded it is time to change your filter.

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