Temperature Is Rising

29 billion. That’s the amount it costs homeowners every year to power their air conditioning systems. Can you believe that?

With summer on its way, some areas sooner than others, it will only be a matter of time before we all start cranking on our ac units. Some places can avoid it for awhile but it will soon become unbearable in most places. So how can we lower our cooling costs? Below is a list originally posted by the U.S. energy department.

  1. Install and set a programmable thermostat.
  2. Use a fan, the most affordable way to cool.
  3. Insulate your attic, walls and seal cracks.
  4. Insulate and seal your air ducts.
  5. Don’t heat your home with appliances, try grilling.
  6. Install energy efficient window coverings.
  7. Buy an Energy Star qualified ac unit.
  8. Use the bathroom fan when showering and the range-hood when cooking to wick away moisture.

All of these can take time and a little bit of money. So maybe start with the easy stuff and work your way through the list. It will save you money in the long run.

To start, the quickest way to save energy is to regularly clean and replace your cooling unit filters! Which means you need to start here for help!

Do you want to be that guy spending loads of money by turning on your ac unit? Didn’t think so. So heed our advice and if you have any questions give us a call at                         1-800-590-0339.

We Hear You

In a company like ours; small, family owned, and growing like mad, there will be some growing pains. Every company experiences them from time to time when trying to figure out the best answer to the problem. We have heard your suggestions and we want to address them here.

First of all we want to thank you for being our loyal customers. We know that it would be easier for you to grab a filter at the store along with your other groceries. But we also know that you are concerned about your indoor air quality so you choose to use our product and we thank you for that. We are equally proud of our filters and want to make sure that we put your indoor air quality above all else.

In order to do that we are constantly trying to re-imagine and re-figure pricing and cost and everything else to ensure you are getting a quality filter for a good price but also keep our lights on. Any of you who own a small business you will understand how sometimes we have to make do with something even though it might not be the best choice until we can get to a point where we can justify that choice.

That being said our number one complaint is that the merv rating is not on the filter frame. Trust me, we fully understand. At the moment what we have established is our best option. We are now putting a sticker on the side of the box it ships in that has the corresponding merv rating, color we associate with that merv and a picture of what the filter looks like. We understand that it would be a lot easier to put the merv rating on the filter and it would put your conscience at ease but it would greatly affect the price of our filters and that is something we aren’t willing to compromise right now.

To help put your conscience at ease we operate on a very tight routine. As you know our filters are handmade and are made to order therefore we only make certain merv ratings on certain days to negate any confusion of mixing the merv ratings. That is why when you order a Merv 14 on a Monday it typically won’t get shipped out until later in the week because Merv 14 is made on a particular day. That is how we know that what was made that day is also what is on the sticker on the box. Because nothing else was made that day.

People also commonly ask if they can look at the filter and tell what merv it is. The answer is yes and no. For merv 8-12 the “weave” is such a similar pattern you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. On the other hand if you order merv 14 or merv 15 then yes you would be able to tell because there is a lot more material, it looks fluffier.

In conclusion we hear your suggestion and when we feel we can accomplish that request without compromising the price and quality of the filter we will. We thank you for your loyalty and we hope that you understand we are thinking of you first before anything else. If you have any further questions or suggestions let us know by emailing info@nordicpure.com or giving us a call at our 1800 number. This is how we grow and we intend to keep growing and expanding with your help.

Thank you.

Your Nordic Family

Spring Has Sprung

This past week was National Cleaning Week and in honor of spring cleaning we put out some tips. The things that make our life so simple we often forget to give some much needed TLC. Below are some ways to show those items the TLC they need.

  • Your beloved washing machine. Can you imagine that little over 100 years ago we just had the washing board. We had to physically scrub clothes and hang them to dry. Can you see a doctor going home from a long day’s work and bending over a wash board to wash all their clothes? There would be no last minute loads, it would be a regular planned out chore. Well thanks to Mr. James King we have that beautiful oscillating machine in the laundry room that we simply shove clothes into and press a button. After time though we never stop to think about the things the washing machine picks up. Did you know that 60% of washing machines contain bacteria! Along with that your whitey tighties could be harboring E. Coli. So to combat all these nasty things wash your washing machine once a monewrocknth. For the step by step how-to, venture over here.


  • Who loves to take your shoes off after a long work day and rub the carpet between your toes? Who lets their sweet babies learn how to roll over and play on the carpet? Well then you should know that your carpet takes a beating. Filth, dirt and pollen gets down in between the fibers and stays there creating bacteria and constant allergies. So to keep your babies healthy and happy you should have your carpets cleaned once a year. You can rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store or have a company who does it all time do it.


  • Have you forgotten to change your home air filter this year at all? Don’t lie to me. Most of us forget. Although when we leave it in or forget to change it it gets clogged with dust, debris, pollen and so on. Creating your HVAC system to work extra hard to push air through resulting in lower efficiency. Even if your not even thinking about the system’s efficiency the fact that it is collecting all that is gross. Always check your filter because sometimes it’s not ready to be changed but just in case take a loobeccasfilterk at the list below to get an idea. Although it is mostly dependent on your environment how often you should change it. Go here to get any size and any filtration level.
    • 1 in. every 30 to 90 days
    • 2 in. every 90 days
    • 3 in. every 90 to 120 days
    • 4 in. every 4 to 6 months
    • 5 in. every 6 months to a year


  • Would you be grossed out if I told you that while your dishwasher is cleaning your dishes it is also growing fungi and black yeast. 😦 I am grossed out just thinking about eating off those plates! Alas it can be fixed. Clean your dishwasher once a month and to get the step by step on how to clean that nasty dishwasher go here, the TODAY show did a special on it. It will give you a piece of mind that your littles are getting sick while eating your cooking.

These are just a few things that give us a better quality of life. But these few things are so important to our time management and the hope that our families are living in a clean healthy environment. So in order to ensure that follow these simple cleaning habits. Something so simple could keep your babies or yourself from contracting something harmful.

Long Way Around

Those of you who are frequent visitors will know that we have launched our brand new website! It has been a long tiring process from the dated website we were using to this bright new shiny one!

Welcoming all customers we have multiple ways to find your filters. You can find your filter by depth, filter type, brand replacement or if needed a custom size. Saving you time and money!  The landing page has several great informative pieces in order to help each customer even those not familiar with air filters find what they need. We even teach you how to measure and read your filter size!

Even though we harp on the Merv rating of each filter most people still have no idea what that is. So we have kept our Merv rating chart explaining what each rating captures. We even have a tab (Solutions)  for the allergy your fighting and which filter you should pick!

We have spent a lot of time putting this site together with you in mind. We have thought about the different ways people search for things and the different information people are receptive to. We hope you love this site and it makes it easier for you. We want you to be educated in the product you are buying and putting in your home. Nothing is more important to us than making sure your family is breathing the best air they can. So please wander around our site, let us know what you think! After all we did this for you.


Live Long and Prosper with Media Planet

We recently participated in Mediaplanet’s Respiratory Health campaign where we united with likeminded industry leaders to raise awareness for the most common respiratory diseases such as COPD, emphysema, cystic fibrosis and asthma, while highlighting the newest innovations in prevention and treatment. The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY on March 3rd 2017 and is published online. For the full campaign click here: http://bit.ly/2lTHnQm


All Black Everything

Here at Nordic Pure we get a lot of stories from people about what is in their homes. We normally have to help them decipher what filter will work best for them. The most recent story though is my own.

I started working for Nordic Pure and have been living in an apartment. I am in my late twenties but have always worked and been raised to know how to clean a house to change my oil. Even with all that knowledge I never thought about my home air filter. I just assumed that the apartment complex was changing them. I didn’t even know how often they should be changed. That just goes to show those of us without breathing problems take air for granted.

So when I started working for Nordic Pure I asked my apartment complex if I could change my own filters and they said absolutely! So I started using Nordic Pure’s best seller the MERV 12; great filtration and great airflow. When I pulled out the cheap fiberglass filter that the apartment uses it was clogged completely. It is a 1 in. filter so it beccasfilterneeds to be changed every 30 to 90 days depending on the person’s environment. It is just myself and my fiance with no pets so we don’t have a lot of stuff in our air. Since I have replaced our filter with a quality filter it has made such a difference. Although I did notice that the ceiling fan in our bedroom accumulated a lot of black dust still.

To solve that problem I spoke with my coworkers who have been in the industry awhile and they mentioned I should try our ceiling fan filters. Two to a pack, they are about 8 in. in length and white with a sticky strip on the back. Peel off the cover to the sticky strip and slap them on top your fan blades. While the fan spins it will catch all the dust in your room. So I tried it; best decision I have made of late. beccasceilingfilters

I had them on for about four months and looked up one day and notice the ceiling fan filter was black! Time to change! Once my fiance peeled the filter off the fan we were shocked at how much it caught and just how dirty it was. We could have been breathing that in!

I showed it to the apartment office manager, letting them know that the ducts are probably really dirty. They immediately set up to have ours cleaned. Although they came and cleaned the ducts they said nothing was wrong. I disagree but regardless the apartment tried to make it right and the ducts are now clean and I know now that I will always use the Nordic Pure ceiling fan filters.