BreatheLife with the WHO

Now that I have got the attention of anyone older than 30 who actually listened to the WHO; here’s what I have to say. As an AC & furnace air filter manufacturer we care a lot about indoor air quality. It’s why we are a business. People don’t realize the importance of a quality air filter and the affects it has on your family. Alas I am not here to talk about indoor air quality today. I am here to tell you that outdoor air pollution is the silent killer.

I stumbled onto a fantastic website called BreatheLife 2030 . The first thing you see is a box for you to enter your city into. When you have done that and then clicked enter it takes you to a page where it shows you where your city ranks in air pollution. For us in America it doesn’t seem too bad. Some smog here and there; nothing to worry ab80out. In fact we have a lot to worry about. Most of our large cities are at the safe level but we have a few over that level.

Then since we were sucked in to seeing which cities are better and worse we decided to try internationally. Beijing was possibly one of the worst almost breaking the gage. Once you recover from the shock of the amount of air pollution the pages tells you to scroll down for more information. Once you scroll down the reality of that gage sets in with actual numbers of deaths due to air pollution; the number of child deaths are the worst. It is an eye opening experience.

We constantly take for granted the air we breathe. We aren’t properly educated on what could happen if humans get in the way of nature. We assume it will always be here for us and there will always be more. Still the majority of people will never see this post. They will never take the time to research how this could hurt their loved ones. Ultimately resulting in nothing being done by the majority of the population.

What will it take for us to pause from our daily lives to look at this information and realize we need to change. Realize that if we don’t do something our children will be constantly sick, new diseases will surface and furthermore kill us.

What will it take.

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