We Hear You

In a company like ours; small, family owned, and growing like mad, there will be some growing pains. Every company experiences them from time to time when trying to figure out the best answer to the problem. We have heard your suggestions and we want to address them here.

First of all we want to thank you for being our loyal customers. We know that it would be easier for you to grab a filter at the store along with your other groceries. But we also know that you are concerned about your indoor air quality so you choose to use our product and we thank you for that. We are equally proud of our filters and want to make sure that we put your indoor air quality above all else.

In order to do that we are constantly trying to re-imagine and re-figure pricing and cost and everything else to ensure you are getting a quality filter for a good price but also keep our lights on. Any of you who own a small business you will understand how sometimes we have to make do with something even though it might not be the best choice until we can get to a point where we can justify that choice.

That being said our number one complaint is that the merv rating is not on the filter frame. Trust me, we fully understand. At the moment what we have established is our best option. We are now putting a sticker on the side of the box it ships in that has the corresponding merv rating, color we associate with that merv and a picture of what the filter looks like. We understand that it would be a lot easier to put the merv rating on the filter and it would put your conscience at ease but it would greatly affect the price of our filters and that is something we aren’t willing to compromise right now.

To help put your conscience at ease we operate on a very tight routine. As you know our filters are handmade and are made to order therefore we only make certain merv ratings on certain days to negate any confusion of mixing the merv ratings. That is why when you order a Merv 14 on a Monday it typically won’t get shipped out until later in the week because Merv 14 is made on a particular day. That is how we know that what was made that day is also what is on the sticker on the box. Because nothing else was made that day.

People also commonly ask if they can look at the filter and tell what merv it is. The answer is yes and no. For merv 8-12 the “weave” is such a similar pattern you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. On the other hand if you order merv 14 or merv 15 then yes you would be able to tell because there is a lot more material, it looks fluffier.

In conclusion we hear your suggestion and when we feel we can accomplish that request without compromising the price and quality of the filter we will. We thank you for your loyalty and we hope that you understand we are thinking of you first before anything else. If you have any further questions or suggestions let us know by emailing info@nordicpure.com or giving us a call at our 1800 number. This is how we grow and we intend to keep growing and expanding with your help.

Thank you.

Your Nordic Family

Let’s Talk About “Made In the USA”

A lot of major retail stores — from Walmart to Home Depot to Lowe’s  — are promoting “Made in the USA” products in support of American workers. And it’s always great to see products made right here in our country by our fellow citizens.

But there’s a major question concerning just how some of these retail outlets are able to make this claim: Are some manufacturers actually making inferior products to make up for the higher labor costs in the U.S.?


Until recently, many of the major “name brand” air filters have been manufactured in China or Mexico to cut labor costs. Now, in order to be included in major retailers’ “Made in the USA” promotions, some of these companies have started producing some of their filters in the United States.

For example, you may have noticed in your local “big box” store that the pleated box frame filters by a national brand are being replaced with flimsy, pinch frame filters and a much lower MPR/MERV rating. These “Basic” Air Cleaning filters, which help reduce dust and lint (but don’t eliminate/remove it), are now replacing the micro-particle/allergenic filters on the shelves.

To improve the air quality in your home or office, the minimum efficiency you should consider is a MERV 8/MPR 800. The MERV 8 filters should capture dust, dust mites, pet dander, smoke particles, and also some allergens (like mold spores and pollen).

Please Note: If someone in your household has allergies and/or asthma, we do not recommend fiberglass, poly, or even the new “Basic” air cleaning filters.


At Nordic Pure, we believe this is an issue of honesty and quality. Our AC Furnace Air Filters have always been, and will always be, made in the USA. And we take great pride in the construction and quality of the materials we use to manufacture our top-quality air filters.

Smart consumers like you know the difference, and can appreciate the quality of our filters and our commitment to service.

Please visit our website at www.NordicPure.com to see our complete line of filtration products. We look forward to serving you!

Nordic Pure Pleated Air Filters are manufactured using strong beverage board frames, not flimsy pinch frames.

Nordic Pure Pleated Air Filters are manufactured using strong beverage board frames, not flimsy pinch frames.


Competitors frame for the Basic filters is a flimsy pinch frame that is very easy to bend.

Competitors frame for the Basic filters is a flimsy pinch frame that is very easy to bend.


Nordic Pure manufactures using strong, high quality materials.

Nordic Pure manufactures using strong, high quality materials.


Competitors filters that are "Made in the USA" with media you can easily see through and flimsy pinch frames.

Competitors filters that are “Made in the USA” with media you can easily see through and flimsy pinch frames.